JACIC (Japan Construction Information Center Foundation)was founded in 1985 under authority of Ministry of Construction,Japan. The aim of the organization is to promote the application of Information and Communication Technology for the sake of efficient and reliable execution of construction project. Since then, JACIC has been working in various activities as a public organization in neutral stand point.

 The activities are divided into 4 categories. The 1st category includes Information Service related to database and data exchange system such as operating databases for assisting public organizations making proper procurement, efficiently use data produced in construction procedure to following activities such as maintenance and so on or exchange of information on by-product of construction activities for proper reuse and recycle to maintain environmental quality. The 2nd, Research and Development on topics related to mission of JACIC. The 3rd includes entrusted services such as Research, Survey and Development under contract with central or local government and operation of systems for administrative work or public service. The 4th, public benefit services which include standardization activity, promotion of application of information and communication technology through supporting international conference and giving grant for academic research activities, seminar, publication, Web site and so on.

Through such activities, JACIC is supporting construction
activities which contribute to maintaining efficient and comfortable society.

In year 2012, JACIC changed its status to general incorporated
foundation. Although legal status changed a little, stand point of
JACIC as a public service does not change.

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